Libertarian Party of South Dakota recognized by the state

On June 17, 2016, the South Dakota Secretary of State office verified enough petition signatures for the Libertarian Party of South Dakota to be a recognized political party within the state. This will allow the party to be on the 2016 general election ballot. The SOS office verified 7,859 valid signatures; the LPSD needed 6,936 valid signatures to regain ballot access.

This will give the voters of South Dakota a choice beyond the lesser of two evils. With Gary Johnson as the presidential candidate and William Weld as the vice presidential candidate the voters of South Dakota will be able to vote with a clear conscience. The Libertarian Party of South Dakota is looking forward to promoting the Johnson/Weld ticket this summer and fall!

Next week an announcement will come out from the LPSD about the state convention to be held in late July. The convention will offer a chance for LPSD member to congregate and work towards the shared goals of liberty. At this convention the state board will be chosen, a PUC candidate will be selected, the bylaws will be agreed to, and three electors will be chosen. Please stay tuned for more information!