LPSD State Convention details and agenda available

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota State Convention is coming up this Saturday, July 30, 2016, at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in Aberdeen. There is no preregistration required for the event; but we would like people to let us know they are attending via the Facebook event so we can ensure there will be enough snacks available for attendees! If you don’t like going to Facebook that is OK, you can still come and enjoy the event! The event is free for all to attend. There are some additional requirements to become a voting member, which is discussed below.

Voting members

Anyone who is registered in South Dakota as a Libertarian or who is a member of the U.S. National Libertarian Party is eligible to become a voting member upon payment of membership fees. The membership fee at this time is $5, and is payable at the door. We will have voter registration forms available at the convention for anyone wishing to switch their registration to Libertarian.

Candidate requirements for statewide office

The LPSD will nominated candidates for the Public Utilities Commissioner and possibly other elected offices. Any member wishing to become a candidate on the South Dakota ballot MUST have their registration switched to Libertarian Party BEFORE the convention. A previous interpretation of State law by a former Secretary of State prevented the party from running a candidate in 2014 due to that candidate not being recognized as a member of the Libertarian Party by the state before the convention. If anyone even thinks it is remotely possible they may wish to run for an elected position on the ballot it is imperative to switch registration before the convention! This can easily be done at our local county courthouse!


The by-laws have to be approved by the members. The current by-laws can be downloaded as a PDF via this link: LPSD Bylaws June2015. Anyone wishing to make changes to the by-laws are welcome to bring those changes forth during the meeting.


The agenda for the Convention is listed below or can be downloaded as a PDF via this link: LPSD July 2016 Convention Agenda.

1:00 – 1:30 Registration and social networking.
1:30 Call to order, approval of Agenda, Treasurers report
1:40 Opening Speaker – Jon Boon
2:00 LPSD Chair’s report.
 Report on the LPSD ballot access in SD. Also report on what needs to be done to retain ballot access after 2018.
 Report on the LPSD and CPSD lawsuit against the State of SD.
2:15 By-laws and platform.
 Make any changes to the LPSD by-laws.
 Approve by-laws.
 Current platform is the Bill of Rights and National LP platform.
2:30 Election of LPSD Officers:
 4 Officers up for election: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Membership Director
 Select 2 at-large members for the ExCom: West River At-Large and East River At-Large
 New Chair will take over when elected.
2:45 Presentation on Libertarian Party Presidential ticket: Johnson/Weld.
 Select 3 Johnson/Weld electors for the 2016 SD Ballot.
3:00 Break.
3:15 Discussion and endorsement of issues and resolutions. All topics are welcome! Below are topics the Chair has already been asked to bring forth in this convention:
1. Issues the LPSD would like the SD legislature to address in 2017?
2. LPSD stances on 2016 SD ballot questions.
3. LPSD stance on immigration.
5:00 Adjourn
*** Note: All times are approximate. Any agenda item can go over its allotted time.