Let’s Talk About the Dakota Pipeline

During a presidential election it can be easy to put the blinders on and only focus on “the one big issue” of stopping the 2 party cycle. Sometimes we let more important local issues fall to the back burner. We don’t want to do that any longer.

So let’s talk about the Dakota Pipeline. The images are incredible and the videos are eye opening. Protesting is an American right and in my opinion, should be a human right.
We believe the U.S. government should follow and support the treaties and agreements we made with Native Americans, it’s literally the least we can do.

So with that in mind, we proudly support the peaceful protesters and the rights of Native Americans at Standing Rock.

No matter the root cause, when hundreds of Americans and Native Americans band together in protest of ANYTHING, we should stop what we’re doing and find out what would cause this type of organized revolt. People don’t protest out of boredom. Any time something like this happens, it is in our best interest to stop what we’re doing and start a dialogue.

Because the US Army Corp and Dakota Access LLC did not even attempt to come to an agreement with the Hunkpapa Nation territory near Cannonball, ND, The South Dakota Libertarian Party supports the protesters request to stop all production on the pipeline on or near protected Native American territory.  We agree with their concerns pertaining to land rights, safety, sacred land protection, and water cleanliness. We believe these are issues that would normally fall under State’s rights, but in this case, would fall under the laws of the sovereign Native American territories. We will never, under any circumstances, support any government forcing land owners to do something that may cause environmental and economic issues.

There has not been enough national news coverage regarding this protest. We ask that you join us in contacting all of the major news providers to start covering this protest as much as they did the “Oregon standoff”.  We want to shine a very bright light on this protest because things are turning very ugly.

A private security company took it upon themselves (allegedly) to use “attack dogs” on nonviolent protesters (video link here). It is unbelievable and disgusting, that in 2016 someone would think this is acceptable behavior. We call for everyone associated with the, as of right now unnamed, private security company that made the incredibly offensive decision to use “attack dogs” and pepper spray be removed from the job immediately until a criminal investigation can be completed.

There are several lawsuits in play, notably the one put forth by National Congress of American Indians. We will be keeping a close eye on the progress made for this lawsuit and the lawful protests taking place at Standing Rock.

Help stop big government in our backyard and let crony capitalist companies know that they we will not sit idly by and let them ruin our neighbors drinking water, desecrate their sacred lands, nor will we let them cash in while they break legal treaties.


Jon Boon McNutt
SDLP State Chair