Election Hangover Cure: Wait it out

While most Americans are still reeling from what felt like an eternity of campaigning; to be the Governor… there is no rest for the wicked.

Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley have made it clear: You will not get to recover from your election hangover.

We know why they announced their bid for Governor of South Dakota so early. They both have a ton of money from running for their current positions and need to move it all to their campaign for Governor.

According to news reports, Jackley will have $700,000 dollars to start his campaign and Noem will allegedly have a staggering 1.9 MILLION to kick start her rise to the very top of our great state.
Noem has made it clear she will be a “lame duck” for South Dakota. She was re-elected for less than a week and is already seeking a higher office. How can she possibly focus on what she needs to do in DC and run Governor in 2016?

It’s unfortunate timing for South Dakotans because we can’t care. We are all drained emotionally, mentally, and probably even spiritually. It was a dark and ugly campaign that did not end with our country united.
Over 5% of all South Dakotans voted for something better. 20,845 voters stood up for dignity, respect, and liberty in South Dakota.
We have a chance in 2018 to change South Dakota politics forever! You won’t have to choose between the “Republican that wants to lower taxes” and the “Democrat that wants more regulation”. There will be more choices on the ballot in 2018.

You have a hangover cure and it’s the one that actually works. Just wait. Wait it out and you’ll feel better soon. We don’t have a million-dollar candidate sitting on the sideline waiting to run, nor would we want one. We are asking YOU to join the party of peace, the party of principle, the party of choice.
The Republicans and Democrats of South Dakota have had their chances after chances, after chances to make things better but they haven’t been able to change anything. Why would this election be any different for them?

Join the Libertarian Party of South Dakota
Thank you.

-Jon Boon McNutt State Chair LPSD

Twitter @SouthDakotaLP