Just A Few Days Left

There is less than a week left until this election is over with.
It has been an incredible and complex journey since way back in May when our party chose #JohnsonWeld as our candidates.

I’m sure you are tired and have “presidential fatigue”. We are all tired but now is the final stretch. In South Dakota we have worked diligently all over our state. Our party leaders have taken their new roles seriously and pushed hard for what may be highest voter turn out in state history. I specifically want to thank Sean Metz and Stan Adelstein for their great grassroots work. It is Dakotans like them that have given us a chance to change South Dakota politics forever. But it doesn’t stop there.

Over the next few days, do whatever it takes to get your friends to the polls. I know it’s hard to compete with Netflix and Steam but we need to get every voter out of their house for a few minutes and to your local voting booths! Offer rides, schedule pick ups, bug your friends on Snapchat to exercise their right to vote and to take their chance to change the future of South Dakota politics forever.

Jon Boon McNutt
State Chair Libertarian Party of South Dakota
Twitter @SouthDakotaLP