Stop the War on Bathrooms

A war on bathrooms sounds ridiculous but that’s exactly what may happen, again.. in South Dakota. A new 2018 ballot measure was just announced that would attempt to tackle what our Governor called a “non-issue” when he vetoed it the first time.
We agree that it’s a non-issue, but it’s also more than that.

Not only is it morally wrong to support this, it is fiscally irresponsible as we have seen from the backlash in North Carolina and Indiana.  There have been billions of dollars lost because most large companies openly and proudly support our LGBTQ friends. It is a costly and disgusting legal nightmare that can easily be avoided.

Stop the expansion of government. South Dakota and the Federal Government should not attempt to legislate morality or limit personal freedom. By supporting this measure you are explicitly telling the state government that you no longer wish to choose. You no longer wish to have a voice, you no longer care that your personal liberties are slowly being chipped away out of some fabricated “boogey-man” type fear of transgendered people.

When you ask for government solutions, you’ll get them. You’ll get the same quality of service you can expect from other great institutions such as The Post Office, The Internal Revenue Service, and The Department of Education.  Instead of asking our tax payer funded parents for permission, we should do the right thing and let the owners of the bathrooms in question decide how they want them used. Business owners should have the right to label their bathrooms any way they choose. If it’s our tax-funded bathrooms in question, then it’s simple: Let the owners decide each and every time they use the bathroom. We already do that, we already share bathrooms with our transgendered friends and it’s never an issue until election season starts warming up.

Join us by standing up for liberty. Things we all agree with do not need protection from big government, it’s the vulnerable minority that needs our support the most.


Thank you

Jon McNutt LPSD State Chair
Twitter @SouthDakotaLP