2018: Year of Change

2017 has barely started and most of the existing elected officials have shown that they have no plans to listen to the citizens of South Dakota. They have no responsibility to the voters and will continue to act in their own best interest despite overwhelming resistance by us.

South Dakota has been regarded as one of the most corrupt states for many years and that is really showing it’s ugly face right now. There is something we can do about it. You can be the change you wish to see in our state government.

2016 created a shift in what we should expect from politicians. The citizens spoke and demanded change. Now we can do the same for our state. There are MANY elections coming up in 2018 that you are more qualified for than the current incumbents.

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota is actively seeking experienced and first time candidates for all open positions. If you share our principles and values then we are looking for YOU to run for office!
You can have the support of the third largest political party and the fastest growing political party in America. If you’re ready to be a leader in the state government revolution, reach out to us and we’ll be glad to give you more information

The upcoming 2018 elections:

U.S. Representative – 2 year term
Governor – 4 year term
105 Legislators (35 Senate, 70 House) – 2 year term
County Commissioners – 4 year term
County Auditor – 4 year term
County Sherriff – 4 year term
Register of Deeds – 4 year term
Public Utilities Commissioner – 6 year term
Attorney General – 4 year term
Secretary of State – 4 year term
State Auditor – 4 year term
State Treasurer – 4 year term
Commissioner of School and Public Lands – 4 year term

While all of these positions are important, the Gubernatorial race has more at stake for the Libertarian Party. In most states, for a political party to keep their party status active, they must simply get 5% of the votes for their presidential candidate. However, in South Dakota that criteria is 2.5% of the Gubernatorial candidate. While we think this is unfair, it is currently the law of the land.

So the first and most important candidate for us is the Governor of South Dakota.

If you think you’ve got what it takes. If you love liberty and want to keep South Dakota free. If you want a more transparent government and respect the citizens votes. If you think the old ways of doing politics is over and now is the time for maximum freedom and minimum government then we want you to run for public office.

Jon Boon McNutt
State Chair LPSD
Twitter @SouthDakotaLP