2017 SDLP Convention: Looking Towards Liberty

It’s almost that time of the year where we all get together and make new plans, meet new friends, and find common ground with those that don’t quite share our vision. But that’s OK. That’s what our party is all about. We don’t want to beat you into submission until you finally agree with some overpriced, unconstitutional, draconian policies. The Libertarian Party wants you to be you! We might not always agree, but we always get along and that’s the spirit we hope to bring to the 2017 SDLP State Convention!

We need some help to get this party started. That’s why we have initiated the “5 Dollars for Freedom” campaign! 5 bucks can a long way if used the right way and we’re doing this direct-support fundraiser exclusively for our 2017 convention. We want you to feel good about giving by knowing EXACTLY where our funds go.
Please consider visiting our CrowdPac site to participate in the $5 Dollars for Freedom campaign, put your name on the wall to show everyone that your support liberty in South Dakota

Support your local Libertarians!