ANNOUNCEMENT: 2017 State Convention July 22nd 7pm Sioux Falls

We are proud to finally announce the early details of our 2017 State Convention!
July 22nd at 7pm! Mark it on your calendars and set a reminder because this will be GREAT time!

We didn’t want a traditional venue, we wanted something fun and full of spirit. We wanted an unconventional convention and nothing says all of those things better than Monk’s in Sioux Falls!

Monk’s is known nation-wide for its craft beer and incredible food. Not many other businesses in South Dakota can share that claim! It will be a great venue for our convention and a fun time for everyone, 21 and up (we will also be live streaming this event for those that can’t attend and answering some questions from social media)

We are also lining up guest speakers and we are extremely proud to announce our first featured

speaker will be Laura Ebke! Laura is a Libertarian and represents the 32nd District of Nebraska.

She is a true Mid-West Libertarian and is a fantastic leader. If you’re not familiar with her, check out her official website for more about her freedom-first background.


Since this event is totally free to the public, we are also pre-selling our 2017 State Convention t-shirts! It is available in 6 different colors and all sizes so you can have it before the convention and the funds raised will go directly into supporting the 2017 convention costs. Please go to our T-Shirt store to get this limited time only shirt (or mug!). 

If t-shirts aren’t your thing, we also have a crowdpac (like a KickStarter) also for our 2017 Convention costs. You can check that link out below and contribute to our 5 Dollars For Freedom Campaign to help keep liberty alive and well in South Dakota

Click here to support the 2017 Convention!

There will be a few more announcements so come to be sure to make your plans now to join us and celebrate liberty together in 2017 and beyond!

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