2017 State Convention Update: New Speaker Added! Elizabeth Dahl of Crystal City, MN

Crystal City, MN has gotten national attention recently, because it has more Libertarian city council members than any other place in the United States! While Crystal City is just under 23,000 citizens, it is a living example of how change starts locally and you can be the difference maker.
One of those difference makers is Elizabeth Dahl. She is the current city council member representing Ward 1 in Crystal City. She is described as no-nonsense and ready to serve by her constituents and has helped steer the city out of debt and into a long term sustainable future!

Elizabeth and her fellow liberty minded council members have been slashing unenforceable code, repealing antiquated laws, and getting the focus back on running the city. They even had the audacity to not go further into debt to pay for new infrastructure!

Elizabeth will be joining our other mid-west focused guests to talk about local engagement, running for office, and making changes that matter.

The 2017 SDLP State Convention will be held at Monk’s in Sioux Falls on July 22nd.

This event is totally free to the public and you can become a voting member of the SDLP by a donation of $5 there are a few ways to donate at lpsouthdakota.org/contribute we also have a crowdpac (like a KickStarter) for our 2017 Convention costs. You can check that link out below and contribute to our 5 Dollars For Freedom Campaign to help keep liberty alive and well in South Dakota

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There will be a few more announcements to come so be sure to make your plans now to join us and celebrate liberty together in 2017 and beyond!

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