2017 State Convention Results!

While this will likely be my last post here in any official capacity, I am very excited about the future of our party. It was an amazing turn out and I am very glad to see the excitement in our new party leaders and the renewed commitment our returning officers have shown. I am very proud of where the LPSD is headed going forward and appreciate the opportunity to be the State Chair.

We will be doing a full recap with a high quality video and images soon, but for right now we are very proud to announce the new and returning Libertarian Party of South Dakota officers:

  • State Chair: Aaron Aylward
  • Vice Chair: Richard Shelatz
  • Treasurer: Daryl Root
  • Communications Director: Tracey Quint
  • Membership Director: Greg Baldwin
  • State At-Large: Gideon Oaks

The new party leadership reaches across all the different Libertarian opinions and goals to create a diverse and eclectic board to help us maximize our strengths for the upcoming 2018 election process.

L to R: Richard, Aaron, Daryl, Greg, & Tracy. Not pictured: Gideon Oakes

This is an exciting time for Libertarians and all liberty-loving individuals in South Dakota!
We will be updating this site soon with the detailed results and other news so please start or continue to follow us on Facebook & Twitter!

Finally, I would like to personally thank everyone that encouraged me to get involved, helped me in the 2016 election, and volunteered to make this convention a huge success.
I don’t have the time to list all the wonderful people because it would just take to long but you know who you all are and you know how important you are to the liberty movement.

Please keep up the great work!

Jon Boon McNutt
(Former) LPSD State Chair
Twitter @SouthDakotaLP