Libertarian Reaction to Monday’s Cannabis Measure Filings

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota applauds the effort put forth by two pro-cannabis  groups in gathering more than 80,000 signatures over two separate ballot initiatives filed  with the state Monday afternoon.

New Approach South Dakota’s proposed medical marijuana initiated measure received  more than 30,000 signatures — nearly twice the 16,961 required to place it on the ballot.    South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws’ measure would amend the state constitution to  allow recreational usage of cannabis.

The group gathered more than 50,000 signatures,  more than 16,000 over the 33,921 needed to place it on the ballot.    The signatures will now be verified by the S.D. Secretary of State’s office, a process which  could take several weeks.

In the meantime, state Libertarians are cautiously optimistic, not only that sufficient  signatures will be validated, but that voters will support the measures next November.

“South Dakotans, by nature, are an independent bunch,” said Gideon Oakes, state chairman  of the LPSD. “From firearm ownership to freedom of religion, and to the ingestion of plants,  we don’t appreciate government telling us what we can and can’t do in our personal lives.

Members of the LPSD worked alongside New Approach and SDBML in passing petitions,  including our Communications Director, Devin Saxon, who gathered more than 900 signatures.    Saxon, of Lennox, spent many hours collecting those signatures, fueled by optimism that  his efforts could lead not only to legalization of marijuana next year, but perhaps a change  in the way the state views hemp, CBD oil and other cannabis-related products.

“South Dakota is a top-tier state in which to reside, and our residents continue to push for  the expansion of free markets as well as an end to a costly drug war,” Saxon said.    Saxon urged those interested in this topic, as well as other civil liberties, to get involved in  the political process and register as a Libertarian.    “Perhaps one day legislators will follow suit. But until that day, get out and vote next  November,” Saxon said. “We will be the change we want to see.”

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