Think of the Children.. Run for office as a Libertarian in 2020!!

Most of us would agree that Family comes first and is the most important aspect of our lives. With election season just beginning for the 2020 cycle we want you to “think of the children”. Is this Government good enough for them? Will our children have the same freedoms to enjoy that we did as kids? Did we as children enjoy the same freedoms as our parents and their parents before them?

Do you feel like the State is heading in the right direction? Are you tired of Government growing every year, legislating more and more of our lives?

With 128,000 registered Independents in South Dakota, there is a tremendous opportunity for someone outside of the 2 Parties to make a huge impact. People are ready for a change, they yearn to be free. You can make a better future for you and your family today!

Run in 2020!!


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