Going crazy on lockdown, connect with local Libertarians online!

Are you currently self distancing or in quarantine, but are still wanting to connect with local Libertarians and discuss topics with other like minded individuals in these uncertain times??

Well we here at the Libertarian Party of South Dakota have plenty of options for you to take advantage of online!

First up obviously would be Facebook…


we also have 2 Facebook Groups:

The first is SoDakLibertarians, this group is a public group for anyone in South Dakota to post topics and have discussions in.


Our 2nd Group:

South Dakota LP ThinkTank, this is a private group for members of the LPSD to discuss ways to get more involved and plan events and discuss ideas to promote the party.


We also have a Discord chat:


And finally we have a FB Messenger chat group:

SoDak Liberty Chat

If you would like to join any of these groups, please click the group to join or email us at



We are in preliminary talks to possibly hold some sort of a Google Hangout meeting online in the next couple weeks as well.

So if you are bored sitting at home but still want to connect with local Libertarians check these out!

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