LPSD statement to officials on Covid 19

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota calls on President Donald Trump, Governor Kristi Noem and municipal leaders across the state to resist all urges to suspend liberty in the name of security.

History has demonstrated time and time again that in any system where the focus is on the many rather than the few, the individual becomes dispensable. We stand firm on the side of the individual.

We call upon the people of South Dakota and the United States, as individuals with inherent natural rights, to forego reliance upon government for protection and providence. We urge all able people everywhere to take responsibility for themselves, their families and, where the need exists, their neighbors.

We also remind the populace that with great freedom also comes great responsibility. By practicing social distancing voluntarily and maintaining extra hygienic practices, the perceived “necessity” of the state to infringe upon our liberty is reduced.

So be a good neighbor. Wash your hands. Stay away from crowds if possible. And always stand and fight for your liberties.

This sickness will pass. But it is up to us how the situation ends — with a free people, or with a people who sold their freedom for a taste of security.

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