Upcoming Events: State Convention and Pre-Convention meetup

We are pleased to announce we have recently scheduled our annual State Convention for May 9th in Pierre South Dakota. Time and location to be announced very soon…


The LPSD has the opportunity to candidates at our convention, non-local offices. So if you are interested in running for the Legislature ( House of Representatives or Senate) Public Utilities Commissioner or you want to take on Mike Rounds for the US Senate!!  Let us know your intention to run and we can vote to have you on our ballot in November.   Libertarians do have the option of voting NOTA (none of the above) for candidates seeking nomination. Candidates must be registered Libertarians and members of the State Party.

If any member of is interested in becoming a delegate to the National Convention in Austin at the end of May, we will also be selecting those at our Convention as well.

Details below



We have also scheduled a pre-convention meet up in Sioux Falls, April 14th. These are always a great time and an opportunity to connect with local Libertarians!


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we will monitor the situation and make any adjustments to our schedule if necessary at a later date. For now we felt we should get these events announced and on the schedule.

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