Officer Duties Bylaw Proposal to be Voted on at Special Membership Meeting July 31st

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Section 2. Duties of Officers. 

Chair: The Chair or a member of the ExCom designated by the Chair shall conduct all state-wide meetings of the LPSD and the ExCom. The Chair or the Chairs designee shall be one of the LPSD delegates to the National Libertarian Party convention. The Chair has authority to speak on behalf of LPSD for all public relations activities and other duties assigned by the ExCom. Chair will appoint him or herself, the Vice Chair, The Secretary, and/or the Treasurer to an appropriate Regional Committee for the purposes of collecting donations made to the party at regional meetings. Chair shall be responsible for monitoring activity in the State Legislature, communicating with that body, developing legislation or legislative-issue oriented committees (including the appointment of any committee chairs), and working with other organizations on areas of mutual concern regarding legislation proposals, public referendums, and constitutional amendments. Chair may establish and manage a Convention committee (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to assist in the organizing of convention functions.

Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair shall be the chief assistant to the Chair holding such executive powers as the Chair shall delegate, and shall perform such duties as shall be assigned by the Chair or the ExCom. The Vice-Chair shall may make an annual report to the ExCom. Vice-Chair shall perform or make provisions for performance of any legal assistance the party may require including assisting candidates in navigating compliance with campaign legal requirements. Vice-Chair will work to ensure affiliate compliance with requirements enumerated in the Bylaws, The National Libertarian Party, as well as state laws and shall report to ExCom any suspected malfeasance conducted by party affiliates. If the office of the Chair becomes vacant, the Vice-Chair shall conduct meetings of the ExCom and the LPSD until the office of chair is filled. Vice-Chair may establish and manage a Bylaw Committee (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to draft bylaw amendment proposals for a membership vote, to assist in the performance of the Vice-Chair’s duties, and to provide for any legal assistance the party may require. The Vice Chair shall report to the ExCom any bylaw change proposals to be voted on at Convention. 

Membership Director: The Membership Director shall be responsible for keeping records of the party membership, to keep up-to-date records of State party membership and National membership within South Dakota, and as well as a separate list of registered Libertarians in South Dakota including name, address, and email where possible, for records and notifications of party activities.  The Membership Director shall be responsible for developing membership education programs, recruiting campaign volunteers, and assisting in affiliate growth. The Membership Director shall be responsible for booking and running outreach booths and community events, and for maintaining outreach materials. The Membership Director may establish and manage a Membership Committee (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to perform these and other membership functions.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive all money paid to the LPSD, or be given receipt of all monies, and shall deposit, if not previously done so by Chair, Vice-chair, or Secretary, the same in such bank or banks as have been designated by the ExCom, and shall disburse said money upon order of the ExCom. Treasurer shall make a complete financial report to the ExCom and at least annual reports to the membership. Treasurer shall perform all duties required of this office by applicable federal and state law. The Treasurer may establish and manage a Fundraising Committee (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to draft fundraising proposals, organize fundraising events, and other fundraising functions.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for communicating activities of the ExCom and state meeting to the membership. The Secretary shall keep minutes and records as needed for recording the activities of the ExComm and meeting, and communicate these to members. The Secretary shall save all records for future use/referencing purposes. The Secretary shall maintain a Party calendar of all deadlines required by these Bylaws, the National Libertarian Party, state law, and the Secretary of State and shall post these dates at least sixty (60) days prior to their deadlines. 

Communications Director: The Communications Director can act as central administrator on behalf of the LPSD for all media requests, social media posts, television/radio appearances, live events, and interview requests. He or She will also be This includes helping to write articles, news, and announcements via the official party website and organizing events of all types. The Communications Director reports to the State Chair. The Communications Director may establish and manage a Communications Committee (including the appointment of any committee chairs) to perform these and other communications functions.

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