Who We Are

State Chair: Aaron Alyward

Aaron Aylward is originally from Arlington, South Dakota and now lives in Harrisburg, South Dakota with his amazing wife of seven years, and two great little boys who are four and three. He’s currently a recruiter/head hunter with gpac, specializing in the Agriculture industry. Over the years, Aaron has been in a number of political parties, starting as a Democrat while in High School, a Republican during the years that Ron Paul, and his son, Rand, were running for President, and now in the Libertarian party.

Ever since being a Democrat, Anti-War has been the most important stance to him and it has stuck with him while he’s been a member of different parties, and is still his number one concern. When looking at all issues in our country, whether it be economy, civil liberties, or foreign relations, he makes his decisions off of five core Liberty principles, and feels that the Libertarian Party best represents those principles. Peace, Tolerance, Individualism, Free Markets, and Limited Government.

Aaron understands that not everyone is going to agree on every little issue, but if someone is headed in the same direction as he is, he’ll ride on that same train until that person wants to get off. He might just end up going a little further, compared to some. He’s very passionate about those five principles and always looks forward to talking to people about liberty, and urging people to join the Libertarian Party.

Vice Chair: Richard Shelatz

Richard was born in North Western Pennsylvania and raised by his grandparent. He was brought up in a staunch Republican family where he viewed himself as a Liberal Republican. and it was not until 2007 after he returned from Iraq that he discovered that politically he was a Libertarian.
After graduating high school Richard joined the US Air Force where he quickly rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Unfortunately, his career was ended early due to a medical condition. After his military service, he worked as an EMT Shift Supervisor at a detoxification facility, and it was at this time he discovered his fervor for civil liberties. As he watched people forced into alcohol drug treatment against their own will, and was privy to the knowledge of the abysmal success rate of treatment. In 2014 Richard left the public service to pursue his dreams in the private sector.
Richard’s goal is to expand civil liberties in South Dakota, so that one day his children may live in a state where all people are viewed equal and allowed to self-govern.

  • Treasurer: Daryl Root
  • Communications Director: Tracey Quint
  • Membership Director: Greg Baldwin
  • State At-Large: Gideon Oaks



The Libertarian Party is your representative in American politics. It is the only political organization which respects you as a unique and competent individual.

America’s Heritage

Libertarians believe in the American heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility. Libertarians recognize the responsibility we all share to preserve this precious heritage for our children and grandchildren.

Free and Independent

Libertarians believe that being free and independent is a great way to live. We want a system which encourages all people to choose what they want from life; that lets them live, love, work, play, and dream their own way.

Caring For People

The Libertarian way is a caring, people-centered approach to politics. We believe each individual is unique. We want a system which respects the individual and encourages us to discover the best within ourselves and develop our full potential.

Principled; Consistent

The Libertarian way is a logically consistent approach to politics based on the moral principle of self-ownership. Each individual has the right to control his or her own body, action, speech, and property. Government’s only role is to help individuals defend themselves from force and fraud.


The Libertarian Party is for all who don’t want to push other people around and don’t want to be pushed around themselves. Live and let live is the Libertarian way.