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“Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime…”
— Libertarian Party National Platform Preamble

2021 Convention Results

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota chose its leadership for the next two years at its annual convention held Saturday in Sioux Falls.

Greg Baldwin, a certified medical coder from Wakonda, was selected as Chairman. He ran unsuccessfully for district 17 state House in 2018, and state Senate in 2020, winning 6% and 4% of the vote respectively. “I look forward to serving the membership of the LPSD for the next two years and I will continue to work diligently to grow the party. We will fight for the rights of ALL South Dakotans against an ever growing and intrusive government.”

Collin Duprel, a rancher from Vale, was elected as Vice-Chairman. Duprell was the former West River Coordinator for the state party. “I’m ready to get things done.”

Daryl Root, a small business owner from Clear Lake, will continue as the party’s Treasurer. He ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in 2020, winning 17% of the vote in district 4. “As the longest tenured member, I have watched us grow every year.  Whether the numbers of candidates running for office, registering voters to our party, or the increasing followers of our social media and its offshoots, people are getting the message.  South Dakota is a great place for the libertarian movement.  We have all intentions of keeping our state as free as can be.  I have full confidence in our executive committee members to move freedom forward.”

Ashley Strand, a patient care associate from Rapid City, will continue as the party’s Secretary. “This team, and this movement as a whole, will do great things in the next two years. I have never felt more passionate and hopeful and I’m ready to continue working hard to spread our message, educate people who don’t know they have more than two options at the polls and turn this state gold!”

Devin Saxon, an Amendment A and IM-26 canvasser from Lennox, was reelected as the party’s Communication Director. He ran unsuccessfully as a public utilities commissioner candidate in 2020 winning 5.1% of the vote. “I look forward to serving another term and will continue driving the Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s social media reach and working towards exhibiting team liberty at even more events.”

Steve Minogue, former Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York, was elected as the party’s Membership Director. “I am ecstatic to continue the work that I began with the Libertarian Party of New York in my new home state of South Dakota. As Membership Director, I plan to reach the growing number of disenfranchised voters seeking a political home. They will find one here in the ‘party of principle’, and we will grow the LPSD into a major electoral competitor.”

Kent Wilsey, a rancher from Owanka, was selected as the party’s new West River Coordinator. In 2020 he ran unsuccessfully for district 29 state Senate winning 22% of the vote. Wilsey is a former At-Large member of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota.

Adam Jewell, a public relations specialist from Watertown, was elected as the party’s new East River Coordinator. In 2020, Jewell ran unsuccessfully for state Senate in district 5 winning 21% of the vote. “As the East River Coordinator, I am excited to do work with our party to help expand Libertarianism to this region’s voters.  With so many discouraged by the current duopoly, we have to open the door to those who truly want self ownership and liberty.”

Tracey Quint, a community relations specialist from Sioux Falls, was re-elected as Sioux River Regional Coordinator. She served as Communications Director of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota from 2017- 2019. 

The Libertarian Party of Minnehaha County also held its convention and elected new leadership Saturday.

Corgan Larson, a student and 2022 candidate for state House, was elected Chairman of the county affiliate. “I am excited for this opportunity and I hope to create a big impact on a local scale. I believe in our party’s values and I believe we can accomplish anything we set out to do.”

Timothy Godinez, a student and small business owner, was elected Treasurer of the county affiliate. “I am excited to be a part of such a supporting community.”

As of March 23rd, there were 2460 registered Libertarian voters in South Dakota, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

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