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Collin Duprel Announces His Candidacy For US House Of Representatives

Libertarians have another great opportunity this election cycle with South Dakota’s lone US House seat having no challengers to the Republican candidate once again. That is until Collin Duprel a local Sturgis/Vale area cattle rancher decided to step up and challenge the Republicans for the seat. He will most likely be facing off against incumbent Dusty Johnson but we won’t know for sure until the June 7th primary where he faces off against State Legislator Taffy Howard.

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota has continued to challenge Dusty Johnson during every Congressional race he has been in so far. With George Hendrickson running against him in 2018 when Johnson was first elect to the House and Randy “Uriah” Luallin running in a two way race against Johnson in 2020, where he received over 19% of the vote and won two counties in the State.

Mr. Duprel formally announced his campaign today on Social Media.

Sometimes, a man’s moral compass forces him into waters that are dangerous and uncomfortable. There are few things as potentially dangerous and uncomfortable as seeking political office.

This spring, my moral compass took on a strange new heading when it became more and more apparent that Dusty Johnson would likely run UNOPPOSED in the General Election of South Dakota to be re-elected as our United States Congressional House Representative. The Democrat Candidate dropped out of the race before he even really started, so there will be NO Democrat. The Independent Candidate was unable to gather the signatures required to be on the ballot, so there will be NO Independent. That left ONE alternative for a large portion of South Dakota to even have a voice in the upcoming election, The Libertarian Party.

The smallest Political Party in South Dakota was the only organization capable of providing a contest to the Republican Candidate. I could not in good conscience, with my unique ability to be on the ballot, allow my prospective opponent to return to Washington DC by default. At the Libertarian State Party Convention it was the will of the Party that I be their voice and their nomination, and I accepted their decision.

I’ve long felt that not enough people “put their money where their mouth is”. Social Media Political Activism is popular, actually DOING anything for change is not. I’ve been preaching to a lot of you for years, but the time has come, partially from your continued encouragement…

This is my Official Announcement of my candidacy for United States Congress as the US House At Large Representative for the State of South Dakota. I will be on the Official Ballot STATEWIDE on November 8th, 2022.

I have spent a decade supporting other people. I have always tried to walk the fine line and present myself from the most neutral and information focused standpoint. Now, for the first time I will be presenting myself to you, and advocating for myself.

Every election, because of the Two-Party system- most voters point their “vote gun” at their feet, pick the “lesser of two evils”, and squeeze the trigger… suffering the consequences of partisan voting. In South Dakota- we have a bigger danger than the Two-Party system. The ONE Party system. Decades of line voting for Republican Officials have given us a State Legislature who ignores the will of the People on legitimate votes (the Anti Corruption Bill and more recently Cannabis), Attorney Generals who commit manslaughter without punishment, and a Governor who spends half her time not even in South Dakota. The ONE Party system is so strong, they have no real competition, and even real Republican Values are being lost to maintain the RINO Incumbent Republican Control.

So, you might wonder. Why run? Why run if the cause is so outgunned? Why run when you’re facing down a titan of an opponent with so little chance of victory? Why get into a fight you’ll probably lose?

Because its the right thing to do. Because I had to. Because I know our State and our Country can do better than we have before. Because I know that good candidates have to be willing to run and likely lose if we have any hope of ever electing someone other than a Republican or a Democrat. I’m running for YOU, because if I wasn’t running close to half of South Dakota wouldn’t of even had a choice. This election and my candidacy is about making a stand, and we have nothing to lose.

I knew of the ambition of some to make me our candidate, and I was undecided until shortly before the Libertarian Party of South Dakota Convention. But as I looked at my 1 year old son sleeping on my chest in his Star Wars “Baby Yoda” Pajamas ahead of State Convention, I wondered to myself what story I would tell him in 15 years. Would I tell him about the time I “almost” ran for Congress? Or would I tell him about the time I faced a tragedy of our Republic in an unopposed election and answered the call of service- and put my own head on the chopping block for the people to decide if my opponent deserved to return to Washington D.C.

The people of South Dakota deserve a choice. Without my candidacy the winner of the Republican Primary (who will most likely be Dusty Johnson) would become our Congressmen by winning without having to compete in the General Election that would give Independents, Democrats, Libertarians, and free thinking and disgruntled Republicans an opportunity to even vote against him. Even if, on election day I only receive a single vote, I won’t call it a failure- because I represented someone who otherwise would have had no voice. The Republican Primary ought not choose our leaders by default.

But I am not just the “anti-Dusty” vote. I don’t desire to only be your protest vote against him. I’m your candidate for individual liberty. I’m your candidate for equality regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and creed. I’m your candidate for unapologetic Freedom Of Speech and The Right To Bear Arms. I’m your candidate for gutting the Federal Government’s authority AND their overinflated budget. I’m your candidate for fiscal responsibility and even more responsible Government. I’m the candidate that’s going to push for an audit of the Federal Reserve that because of it’s partners in cronyism, corruption, and bad governance have CRASHED the value of your dollar. I’m your candidate to end endless Foreign Wars. I’m your candidate for getting the Federal Government out of your bedroom, your private business ventures, and your doctors office. I’m your candidate for pursuing legislation that can turn the tide of $30 TRILLION in Federal Debt back the other direction. I’m your candidate to return the thousands of disabled and homeless veterans to safety. I’m your candidate for TERM LIMITS and sending elected officials back to the real world after their tenure in office.

I can be your candidate because I’m one of you. I wasn’t groomed for politics, and I’ve spent most of my entire adult life as part of the workforce. I’ve worked long arduous hours in the wind, the cold, the heat, the sun, and the dark. I’ve swung a hammer until my hands bled. I’ve worked an 80 hour work week on a few hours of sleep. I’ve supported a family on a tight income. I’m a South Dakotan and I’m not better than any one of you, I’m your equal and I’ll carry that equality all the way to Washington DC to represent you if you let me.

I can be your candidate for a lot of reasons. We might have a few big differences- but let’s discuss what we have in common and see if that’s enough for me to earn your vote this November.

I believe in a lot of ways we are in danger of losing our country. The Federal Government keeps getting bigger and more bloated. The corruption in Washington D.C. sinks deeper and deeper. We as the people need to send a Representative into the heart of the monster to stand up for people again against the Federal Beast.I’m your candidate to get Washington DC OUT of South Dakota. If you elect me to be your Congressman, I will not let you down.

I would like to ask you all to FOLLOW, LIKE, AND SHARE not only this post but also my official Facebook Page and message the page if you’re interested in helping with my campaign….and even though we’ll never outspend my opponent – donate to my campaign and learn more about my complete platform at…

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