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“Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime…”
— Libertarian Party National Platform Preamble

LPSD 2023 State Convention

We have some exciting news to announce as we have officially scheduled our upcoming 2023 State Convention. This year the Convention will take place in historic Deadwood at Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort from 12pm to 6pm on Saturday May 6th.

At our Convention this year we will be electing Party Officers to serve on the State Executive Committee for a term of two years from 2023-2025 (Information on positions below). You do need to be a registered Libertarian in South Dakota to be considered a member and be able to vote on Party business or to serve as an Officer.

We are pleased to announce that Emmett Reistroffer will be a guest speaker at our State Convention in Deadwood! Mr. Reistroffer is the owner of Genesis Farms, a medical Cannabis company with operations in many cities across South Dakota. He recently ran for City Council earlier this year in Sioux Falls and has also previously ran as a Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State in 2014.

This event is free to attend however we are asking that you please RSVP for the event (space is limited). We are asking just $10 a ticket to RSVP however that donation covers your sustaining membership in the LPSD for 2023 and you will also receive a small gift the day of Convention. To RSVP and become a sustaining member go to our Event page linked here.

There are 3 Hotels on the property to choose from if you plan on staying, 4 restaurants and a Casino.

Cadillac Jacks Gaming Resort, Deadwood

The Officer positions and job duties are as follows:

  • Chair

The Chair or a member of the ExCom designated by the Chair shall conduct all
statewide meetings of the LPSD and the ExCom. The Chair or the Chair’s designee shall be
one of the LPSD delegates to the National Libertarian Party convention. The Chair has authority
to speak on behalf of LPSD for all public relations activities and other duties assigned by the
ExCom. The Chair will appoint him or herself, the Vice Chair, The Secretary, and/or the
Treasurer to an appropriate Regional Committee for the purposes of collecting donations made
to the party at regional meetings.

  • Vice Chair

The Vice-Chair shall be the chief assistant to the Chair holding such executive
powers as the Chair shall delegate and shall perform such duties as shall be assigned by the
Chair or the ExCom. The Vice-Chair shall make an annual report to the ExCom. The Vice-Chair
shall perform or make provisions for performance of any legal assistance the party may require.
If the office of the Chair becomes vacant, the Vice-Chair shall conduct meetings of the ExCom
and the LPSD until the office of chair is filled.

  • Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for communicating activities of the ExCom and
state meeting to the membership. The Secretary shall keep minutes and records as needed for
recording the activities of the ExCom and meeting and communicating these to members. Also
saving records for future use/referencing purposes.

  • Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive all money paid to the LPSD, or be given receipt of all
monies, and shall deposit, if not previously done so by another elected officer, the same in such
bank or banks as have been designated by the ExCom and shall disburse said money upon
order of the ExCom. Treasurer shall make a complete financial report to the ExCom and at least
annual reports to the membership. Treasurer shall perform all duties required of this office by
applicable federal and state law.

  • Membership Director

The Membership Director shall be responsible for keeping records of
the party membership. To keep up to date records of State party membership and National
membership, and a separate list of registered Libertarians in South Dakota. Name, address,
email, if possible, for records and notifications of party activities.

  • Communications Director

The Communications Director can act on behalf of the LPSD for all
media requests, social media posts, television/radio appearances, live events, and interview
requests. He or She will also be responsible for helping write articles, news, and
announcements via the official party website. Will also contribute to organizing events of all
types. The Communications Director reports to the State Chair.

  • 3 Regional Coordinators – West River, East River & Sioux River

The Regional Coordinators shall conduct quarterly gatherings
(meetings, booth, volunteer work, outreach) with members of the LPSD within their designated
region. The Regional Coordinators shall assist in recruiting legislative candidates, shall organize
petitioning teams to assist Libertarian candidates in achieving ballot access within their
designated region. The Regional Coordinators shall gather names, addresses, and emails from
Libertarian members within their region, relay that collected data to the Membership Director,
and assist LPSD members in organizing county parties and other affiliates of LPSD within their
designated region. Regional Coordinators are recommended to organize a Regional Committee
to assist in their responsibilities. All monetary donations to the party made at Regional Meetings
must be forwarded to the party Treasurer for deposit (though Secretary, Chair, and Vice-Chair
may also accept said funds for deposit). The Regional Coordinators act as ambassadors for the
party and may take on any role assigned to by the State Chair for temporary or emergency

● The West River Regional Coordinator designated Legislative Districts are as
follows: 21, 26,23, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, and 35.
● The East River Regional Coordinator designated Legislative Districts are as follows:
1, 2, 3,4, 5, 7, 8, 19, 20, and 22.
● The Sioux River Regional Coordinator designated Legislative Districts are as
follows: 6, 9, 25, 17, 16, 18, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 25.

We will be hosting a Pre-Convention Online Membership Meetup on Thursday April 6th. If you are interested in becoming more involved with the LPSD this would be a good opportunity to introduce yourself to the membership and meet other members of the Party. You can join the meeting that night using this link. To join with video you will need to download the free app or you can call in to the meetup with a phone, Dial-in number (US): (716) 427-1082 Access code: 8675309

More details about the Convention to be announced as soon as they are available.

If you would like to keep up to date with our events please sign up for our email list here, and we will make sure you are notified of upcoming events and more details on our State Convention as they are announced.

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State Chair

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Membership Director

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East River Coordinator

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