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State Convention Results

PIERRE, S.D. – The Libertarian Party of South Dakota gathered for its annual convention Saturday in
Pierre. The convention marked a significant moment for the party as they nominated several candidates
and took official stances on November’s ballot issues.

Gideon Oakes of Keystone was nominated for the S.D. Public Utilities Commission, while Josh Dennert
and Tamara Lesnar were nominated for District 1 House seats, and Greg Zimmerman for District 8 House.
“We are thrilled to nominate such dedicated individuals who embody our values of individual liberty and
limited government,” said Tracey Quint-Isburg, State Chair of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota.
Oakes, 39, is a Keystone-area business owner and volunteer EMT who has worked in the technology and
logistics sectors throughout much of his career. He and his wife, Mary, have three children.
He said his candidacy offers voters a better choice for an office he believes desperately needs a fresh

“The three current commissioners have a combined tenure of 48 years — almost half a century,” Oakes
said. “I think most South Dakotans believe elected office should be a calling, not a career.”
Oakes further differentiated his candidacy by pointing out his Republican opponent’s history as an
advisor to Xcel Energy immediately prior to being appointed to the PUC in 2011, as well as his
Democratic opponent’s support of Biden Administration policies.

“The question voters get to decide is whether they want a commissioner that represents the utility
industry, one that represents big government, or one that represents the people,” Oakes said.
Oakes said his top priorities as a PUC commissioner will be encouraging the security and redundancy of
utility infrastructure components, continuing expansion of access to terrestrial broadband and being a
staunch advocate for utility customers and landowners.

“South Dakotans are resilient. Our infrastructure should be as well,” Oakes said. “From day one, I will
work with our utility providers to help ensure that we can always rely on critical services in the times we
need them the most.”
In addition to nominating candidates, the LPSD also took official positions on several upcoming ballot
measures, including voicing opposition to Amendment H, which would restructure South Dakota’s
elections in a manner similar to California’s top-two primary system.

The party also took a stance supporting the repeal of SB 201, highlighting their continued opposition to
eminent domain for private commercial gain. On the issue of recreational marijuana, the party declared
its support for IM29, emphasizing personal freedom and the economic benefits of legalization.
“The LPSD remains committed to advancing policies that promote individual freedom and fiscal
responsibility,” added Quint-Isburg. “We believe our positions reflect the values and priorities of South
Dakotans who want a government that respects personal liberty.”

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About the Libertarian Party of South Dakota:
The Libertarian Party of South Dakota is dedicated to promoting the principles of individual liberty, free
markets, and limited government. As a recognized political party in South Dakota, it strives to provide an
alternative choice to voters seeking a government that prioritizes personal freedoms and responsible governance.

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