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LPSD Has Opening For East River Regional Coordinator

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota would like to announce that we are currently seeking a new East River Regional Coordinator to serve on our State Executive Committee for the remainder of the current term (term runs until 2023).

Our previous E.R.R.C Adam Jewell has tendered his resignation from the Committee. Mr. Jewell was a previous candidate in 2020 running for State Senate in District 5 (Watertown) where he received 21% of the vote. He also served on our Executive Committee from March 2021 until his resignation in February 2022. We would like to thank Mr. Jewell for running for public office and for all his hard work advancing Liberty in South Dakota. The LPSD would like to wish him the best of luck in all future endeavors.

We are seeking a volunteer that is highly motivated, good at networking and organizing, to serve as Regional Coordinator for the remainder of the term (approximately 1 year). The goal of the Regional Coordinator is to help organize local affiliates in their region and help with local candidates as well. We also have quarterly Executive Committee meetings that they would be expected to participate in.

Below is the official job description per our current bylaws.


Section 2. Duties of Officers:

Regional Coordinators: The Regional Coordinators shall conduct quarterly gatherings
(meetings, booth, volunteer work, outreach) with members of the LPSD within their designated
region. The Regional Coordinators shall assist in recruiting legislative candidates, shall organize
petitioning teams to assist Libertarian candidates in achieving ballot access within their
designated region. The Regional Coordinators shall gather names, addresses, and emails from
Libertarian members within their region, relay that collected data to the Membership Director,
and assist LPSD members in organizing county party and other affiliates of LPSD within their
designated region. Regional Coordinators are recommended to organize a Regional Committee
to assist in their responsibilities. All monetary donations to the party made at Regional Meetings
must be forwarded to the party Treasurer for deposit (though Secretary, Chair, and Vice-Chair
may also accept said funds for deposit). The Regional Coordinators act as ambassadors for the
party, and may take on any role assigned to by the State Chair for temporary or emergency

● The East River Regional Coordinator designated Legislative Districts are as follows: 1,
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 19, 20, 23, and 22.

If you’re not too familiar with all the Districts that’s understandable, this region encompasses most of East River excluding the Sioux Falls area. Some of the bigger cities in this district include: Aberdeen, Watertown, Brookings, Mitchell, Pierre, Huron ect.

If you are interested in growing the Party and advancing Liberty in South Dakota and would like to work with a great team of individuals from all corners of this State let us know!

Send us an email to

We will try to select/vote on a new East River Regional Coordinator next month at our Special Membership Meeting March 20th.

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